Provides Wide Range of Security Services

About us:

AA Capital is service based firm that provides professional security solutions to all our valuable clients. We work closely with the private sectors, and are proficient suppliers to a wide range of industries. 

This Security constancy firm was set up with a vision to provide security consultancy service to small scale businesses and other security firms as an advisor.

We provide specialized services at regular intervals including security audits and risk assessment, design security protocol, guarding required and security check points installation & also defining the location of CCTV cameras on the sites

Based on these facts we decided to set up security consultancy firm and set these small businesses and security industry as our target market.

We are planning for accreditation certification to get registered for SIA’s Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) & ISO 9001 for manned guarding provision. Soon after having accreditations certification, we would be able to more from a small firm to a medium sized security firm in this ever growing industry.

To make sure our clients’ security needs are met, we offer a wide-range selection of security services – from security guarding, key holding services & event security to site risk assessment & CCTV Monitoring,. We at AA Capital give centric position to our clients ensuring their specific needs are addressed. We are focused on building relation of trust, respect and care with our clients.

Our personnel are valuable asset therefore AA Capital takes special care during whole recruitment process. Moreover, we arrange ongoing courses for our staff to meet the needs of time. We are committed to raising standard within the security industry. All our Guarding Staff are licensed in accordance with the Private Security Industry Act 2001.

We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything that we do. We are committed to selling and delivering high quality products and services that improve business performance.

Company's core services include provision of manned guarding and, security risk assessment and audit, imposition of security measures at different sites. We provide security services to retail sites, commercial properties & building, static sites, construction sites and special events. However, main focus is on construction, commercial and static sites. So, construction companies, commercial properties and retail sites owners are our main target market.


Keys to Success:


Risk Factor

Complete grip on risk assessment of a property or site like Main hazards or potential hazards present on the site.

Pre- Screening

Must in place strict pre-employment screening checks to recruited right people with clean history.

Closely Monitor

Closely monitor the performance of personnel working on the sites.